black hole in b flat
best friends and fenris, what could be better 
16th-Aug-2011 07:03 pm

here is what she is doing right now

THINGS THAT SEEM GOOD SO FAR: adoration of carver and merrill seems equal to my own
THINGS THAT SEEM UNFORTUNATE SO FAR: immediate fenris lust does not seem to have yet appeared. woe, tragedy

p.s. jade ate all of those chips and those chocolate things, i didn't have any of them no sirree, and we certainly didn't go through that entire bag in less than an hour while recruiting anders and fenris and merrill, no sirree


ANYWAY thank you all for the anime recs from my last post! I ended up suggesting Sailor Moon and some Miyazaki (specifically Ponyo, Howl's Moving Castle, and tentatively Totoro). I think the girl's mother will be okay with those, but I guess we'll see after she's watched them, ha.

DANARIUS'S MANOR NEARLY PURGED! achievement unlocked: nine hour da2 marathon! oh, addictions, why can't we quit you. (And while I'm thinking of it, I do apologize for the incoherence of this post. I am extremely hungry and it was a long day at school. Also, I'm watching her play through all these these quests relatively unspoiled and it is just FASCINATING. Plus, you know. Fenris.)

man i have so many things to tell you guys, but i just can't seem to find the stupid spare time to sit down and make a proper post. ONE DAY. ONE DAY.

Dinnertime! :D
loquaciousquark: ((dragon age) aveline stars in COPS)
17th-Aug-2011 04:09 am (UTC)
[Standard comment to express continued jealousy over ability to play Dragon Age on a working computer and evil plan to steal life]
17th-Aug-2011 04:50 am (UTC)
I am seriously considering banging Isabela with this character what is the world coming to

this will not stop Thistle from inappropriately flirting with the boys, though.

/the worst

/can't imagine who thought romancing Merrill was a good idea SHE IS SUCH JAILBAIT SHE NEEDS ALL THE PROTECTIONS FROM THE WORLD.
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