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16th-Aug-2012 04:14 am - FLASH!! BOOM! ZING!!
Why am I so bad at this LJ thing?

I don't know. I have a ton of stuff to talk about--I finished my summer-not-really-summer-more-like-March-to-August-that's-what-five-months job a little over a week ago and classes start next Monday (OH BOY I GET TO GO THROUGH PHARM ALL OVER AGAIN)(also the first bits of CEVS)(which is going to be simultaneously hilarious and awful)(because I'm going to have to sit through someone taking 45 minutes an eye on retinoscopy on me when I've already passed the practical where we had six minutes for both eyes)(but at least I don't have to take the tests for that one). I also helped my little brother move into his new house which will be his First Married House (October 13. Oh my goodness my little brother is getting married).

BUT what I actually want to talk about tonight is the fact that I am experiencing my very first Ocular Migraine (tm)!

There was a small little shimmering spot in both eyes just to the right of my central vision for about 15 minutes, which made it very awkward to read XKCD, and then slowly it expanded into a large shimmering backwards C that was always dancing just out of sight, which as you may guess is very frustrating when you're trying to document the appearance of visual phenomena for science.

THEN it got bigger and bigger and bigger and eventually took up my whole dextro visual field and there were SPARKS and BLUE AND RED FLASHING LIGHTS and little wavy LIGHTNING BOLTS and now the headache's started which is less fun but at least I have my regular migraine medication for that.

But mostly I was inspired by my across-the-street neighbor whose kids I played with for years growing up and who I recently found out is also an optometrist. (Go figure.) He has a blog which is very often very funny, but he recently documented his own retinal tear which I found absolutely FASCINATING, and I would would recommend the read just for the articulateness of it.

Oh, oh, oh, my head my head my head. GOING TO BED.

(This also reminds me of the patient we had one day who, upon learning I was in optometry school, said, "Oh, what's the difference between optometrists and ophthalmologists again? They're the smart ones, right?" And when she realized what she'd said, back-tracked by saying, "I mean, they're the ones who are real doctors?"

Which, considering I've heard an ophthalmologist describe optometrists as "monkeys with glass cutters," is not the most insulting thing she could have said, I guess.)
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