black hole in b flat
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Oh my goodness why is plotting so hard. Or rather, why am I so bad at it.

Why can't I just string ten introspective one-shots together and call that a narrative? I mean, they could be thematic and everything. I could totally pull a Sine Qua Non (and how's that for a blast from the past) and just stick in notes at the beginning of each chapter that do all the, you know, "narrative" and "plotty" and "important" bits, and then I could focus on writing the ten thousand words about how all the characters are feeling instead.

Dragon Age Big Bang, you are not being my friend. Making me plot and keep up with the plot and resolve the plot, when all I want to do is just wallow in layered metaphors about finding a purpose and moving from shadow into light and back again.

hnnnnngh writing. If I smash the pen against the paper hard enough, do I eventually get art? (also I actually wrote out stuff longhand for this fic. Broke out the notebook I haven't written in since Feb '10 and everything. This stupid challenge is destroying me and I still can't stop.) Current word count: 30k out of I think 65k-ish?

ALSO I am getting sick. I can feel it. I have dosed liberally with cough syrup but now I just feel sick and loopier than a crazy straw, which I expect also explains this post.
loquaciousquark: ((dragon age) fenris think hard)
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