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So here is a post!

Okay, so I wrote that, then immediately got up to get another sloppy joe because I couldn't think of anything else to write. I don't remember being so bad at this!

Okay, here's a thing that's going on in my life: so some of you may remember that I'm in optometry school, and some of you may remember that last winter I failed Ocular Pharmacology, which meant that I had to repeat the course—and, since the course is only offered once a year, it meant I had to basically drop out for the spring and summer, get a job for that time, and then come back to join the class under me to retake the course.

WELL. I am DELIGHTED to say that it is going much, much better this year. Grades have been As and Bs and I'm even getting handwritten notes on the results pages (Good job this term! Keep it up!), which I figure can't be that bad. The instructor even told me that I seemed more engaged in lecture this year, which, considering I was so frustrated and embarrassed by my own difficulty in the course last year that I went out of my way to actively avoid the professor, I can totally see why she'd think that.

BUT it's going so much better now, and God willing I'll do as well on the last test and the final, and this time next year I'll be prepping for externship rotations rather than this class again, because if that happens I might seriously consider throwing myself off the ledge in front of my apartment. (It is about three feet high. In retrospect, this is not a particularly effective threat.)

This is a very cute story for people who like either proposals or Star Trek.

Goodness, what else is going on? Auburn football has been absolutely atrocious this year but nobody cares about that on my flist but me, I don't think. The dog has hit 65 pounds and seems to be leveling off there, and all 65 pounds of him are currently on my feet.


So, we had a test Monday which included a short-answer section, and one of the questions was "Explain how ortho K is beneficial for a young myope." And oh my goodness, I had no idea. I remembered the phrase popping up on the Alternative Treatment slide but we never went into it in any depth that I remembered, and I've never met an optometrist who has even suggested it as a possible treatment for myopia, so I couldn't even attempt the b.s. the question. So, in the spirit of total honesty, I wrote down in the black "not the foggiest idea," went on to answer the rest of the questions, and that was that.

The next day, in lab, I had a question for one of the professors who teaches the course. She's a very nice woman but very serious and very professional, and I've never really heard her joke around with students or even with the other professors save a few comments here and there. So I asked my question about the vergence testing we were doing that day and she looked at me, and she kind of shrugged one shoulder, and she said, "Well, Quark, I haven't the foggiest idea."

And then she winked at me.

Oh my goodness, I died laughing. She said it made her laugh as well when she was looking over the exams the previous night, and it was just such a great moment that I proceeded to tell all my friends it had happened too (to their own varying degrees of shock and laughter). It was also pretty cool to see her smile that broadly in a classroom setting.

Also, I am now on Dreamwidth? LoquaciousQuark over there too, as per usual. I'm planning on crossposting everything to LJ too though, so those of y'all here won't notice any difference.

Okay, one last thing that I should have mentioned ages ago and...utterly failed to: Jade is here! She moved in quite a number of days ago and I am just the worst at telling y'all things, but I can at least tell you that it's been great. I don't think Jade will be mad at me for confiding that I was a slight bit nervous about it, just because we haven't lived in the same city for like five years and I am not so good at the reliable social interactions when it jeopardizes my precious precious sleep times, but to my utter and unending relief it has been wonderful.

Like, I'd forgotten how nice it is to just sit down and talk with someone about anything and everything that comes into your head. My roommate I adore and love and treasure dearly, but she has no fandom background and she just doesn't understand the giddy joy of posting a fic and getting positive feedback like someone who's been there and done it themselves. I mean, the other day we sat at my kitchen table and discussed Dragon Age minutiae for like three hours. We're talking the nature of demons, Inquisition possibilities, everything about the Old Gods the wiki had to offer.

It's just fun, you know? I'd forgotten how much fun it could be.
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